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Err... Don't be afraid of what you see. I am a powerful oracle that can give some accurate answers to any yes/no questions you have in mind. But please just yes or no questions, if not then my powers can give irrelevant answers to your questions that can confuse both of us. You can seek a real fortune tellers advice if that's the case.

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About Fortune Telling

Fortune telling is the concept of forecasting information regarding an individual's life. The range of fortune telling is within theory similar using the pattern of divination. The main difference is the fact that divination could be the phrase applied for predictions regarded as component of a religious ceremony or ritual, invoking deities or spirits, though the word fortune-telling signifies a much less serious or recognized atmosphere, perhaps certainly one of well-known tradition, where belief within mysterious operation guiding the prediction is actually less visible compared to notion of advice, spiritual or practical consultative or even statement.

In the past, fortune telling expands beyond folkloristic reception of Renaissance magic, particularly connected with Gypsies.

Throughout the 19th and 20th century, ways of divination from non-Western civilizations, including the I Ching, had been also put into practice as types of fortune telling in western popular culture. A good example of foretelling or fortune-telling as solely something of pop culture, along with little if any vestiges involving belief within the occult, could be the Magic 8-Ball distributed as a toy by Mattel, or Paul II, a cephalopod with the Sea Life Aquarium at Oberhausen utilized to foretell the actual end result of matches performed from the German national football team. read more at Wikipedia